Deborah Stotzky M.S., L.Ac.


Deborah began her Acupuncture practice in New York City in 2000, when she realized she had a deep passion for healing. She earned a Master's Degree from Tri State College of Acupuncture, and went on to become a Nationally Certified and licensed therapist in New York State.


Her mission: To reconnect people with vibrant health. Her method: Make true health a deeper and richer experience than just the removal of pain or illness. “This can be a lofty goal in the healing process,” she says. “But it is my goal in working with my clients.” In other words, first she focuses on relieving pain and reducing stress so that her clients can reconnect with their body, mind and spirit.


Chinese medicine states: "Where there is no flow there is pain. Where there is flow there is no pain.” By creating "flow" we can begin to move towards vibrant health. Much of Deborah’s work emphasizes deep tendino-muscular, myofascial release. “Because we often manifest in the musculature of the body our deeper issues,” she explains. “My style of Acupuncture, in particular, can offer profound relief on many levels.”


As she seeks to restore and empower her clients, Deborah continues her healing journey by incorporating other techniques into her practice. Deborah has been teaching yoga for over 16 years and body rolling/self acupressure on small balls. Her knowledge of movement and energetics uniquely inform both her acupuncture and teaching practices. She says “I am committed to a life of learning and growth so I can help to nurture the healing abilities of others.”