Holístico Wellness + Beauty, located in NYC’s NoMad District, is a studio committed to personalized, integrated health and beauty. At Holístico, we believe in the whole person—the intersection of outer and inner beauty—because when you are healthy, you look radiant. Consider us a haven for getting and being healthy. Holístico is a healing community, founded by well known acupuncturist Deborah Stotzky. “I’ve brought together all the services and practitioners I personally love, use, and benefit from—all in one place,” she says.

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About Holístico


What happens when an acupuncturist, massage therapist, hypnotist, nutritionist/herbalist, a skin care specialist—and yes, a hairstylist–walk into a studio...MAGIC. That is who Holístico brings together with a hand-selected group of practitioners who strive to put your body, health, and well-being back in your hands.


This collaborative approach to health helps you to assess, empower, and recover your wellness. Founded by Deborah Stotzky, a highly-regarded acupuncturist and often-cited wellness expert, Holístico provides clients with a highly-personalized wellness assessment. The goal of this assessment is to meet clients, as Deborah says, “where they are” as opposed to creating more stress as overscheduled urban professionals try to achieve unrealistic expectations for their physical well being.


What does the Holístico approach look like off the page and in the studio? Here’s a case study of a client who sought Holístico’s team approach (a non-team approach with a particular practitioner is always an option as well). After evaluating patient X, who came in for extreme fatigue, the team reviews the intake, using their 50+ years of combined experience to make recommendations.


It might be acupuncture, plus far infrared sauna and invigorating deep tissue massage. Or maybe it’s determined that diet is the biggest underlying culprit in the fatigue, warranting a session with the nutritionist to start. There are no cookie cutter plans at Holístico.


At Holístico, we believe in the whole person--the intersection of outer and inner beauty - because when you are healthy, you look radiant. “I have a personal experience and connection with every aspect of the Holístico practice,” explains Stotzky. “As a healer, I truly believe in everything we do here.” We hold the sense of community and the creation of an oasis in the middle of NYC to be a vital part of the healing process. “So I wanted to bring together all the services and practitioners I personally love, use and benefit from in one place. The added bonus is we get to see our beloved clients often, even just in passing, as they utilize the variety of offerings at Holístico”.


This is our idea and vision of a healing community!


Our lives can be busy and stressful. Our well-being is essential. We can increase our performance, calm our body, mind and spirit and transform our lives. We have the choice to make personal health a priority and unleash our own healing potential. Let Holístico help you do this.


How can we help you? See some of the conditions we treat below. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Want to learn more about our holistic health services? Click here.

muscle pain



hay fever

back pain




neck pain

facial pain

acute epigastria


shoulder pain

dental pain

peptic ulcer


knee pain



colds & flu

arm & finger pain

postoperative pain

abdominal pain


wrist pain

Bell’s Palsy

abdominal bloating

smoking cessation

foot & toe pain



weight loss






panic attacks

morning sickness




frozen shoulder



tennis elbow

Menstrual cramps