Sara Wendt CCH


If most of what you know about hypnosis is “You are falling into a deep, deep sleep,” then there’s a healing world for you to discover beyond that sterotype. And, Sara J. Wendt can take you on this journey. Known best by her clients and colleagues for her confident and compassionate manner, Wendt possesses all the necessary tools needed to help her clients achieve and create meaningful change.

As a Certified Clinical Hypnotist, Sara began practicing in New York City in 2003, and strongly believes that “Through changing our mind, becoming very familiar with the way we behave, speak, and think, we change our lives and the world we live in.” She can offer a number of tools you can learn to use and take home with you to achieve your goals.


“I’m trained in hypnosis, meditation, and life coaching,” she says. “And very often I use all three to create a strategy suited to your particular life situation. I have no agenda of my own.” Wendt wants you to see what it is you are doing to perpetuate the painful habit you want so much to let go of.


Her services are always custom-built for her clients and is clear that her goal is to “Work with you as a whole person, addressing your unique situation and concerns.” She has decided to collaborate with like-minded practitioners at Holístico , who truly enjoy benefiting and treating clients with holistic methods. She is dedicated and committed to finding a strategy that will meet your specific needs.


You may have heard the famous maxim, “the truth will set you free.” "I truly believe this,” says Wendt. “ Once we see the truth about ourselves on a deep level, all judgment and confusion evaporate, our path is clearer and even though we have some work to do, it feels joyful and we know where we’re going.” She has worked with hundreds of clients, guiding them to lead more productive, rewarding, and positive lives. She specializes in smoking cessation, sleep disorders, compulsive habits and addictions, as well as anxiety and performance anxiety relief.


A member of the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners and The National Guild of Hypnotists, Sara has trained in the renowned methods of Gil Boyne’s Transforming Therapy.


Her extensive experience with and knowledge of meditation greatly informs her practice, and incorporating it as a regular method of healing with her clients.

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To get a better idea of Wendt’s work, please check out her youtube video.



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