Lia Bonfilio LMT


“I am so passionate about massage and its healing powers. Whatever you want to feel and wherever you want to go, massage can help you open, expand, focus, and unwind so you can get there with ease,” says Lia.


As a professional dancer and long-time yoga and Pilates practitioner, Lia is highly attuned to postural alignment and functional movement and well-versed in methods of self care. A graduate of the Cortiva Institute and a massage therapist licensed by New York State, Lia brings her innate understanding of the body and its movement to the table.


“Massage is for everyone. I love to say that,” says Lia, “because although it might sound trite, it really is the simple truth.” Lia compares our bodies to incredible machines that benefit greatly from the right kind of maintenance. Using techniques that are designed to a patient’s specific physical needs, proper massage therapy can provide relief that no other treatment can offer.


A session with Lia is based on ongoing communication and tailored to her clients’ specific needs. She is trained in neuromuscular, myofascial, orthopedic, sports, Swedish, deep tissue, trigger point therapy, and hot stone. She is also certified in prenatal massage. Most sessions will include a variety of modalities.


“Massage can put our brains in touch with our bodies in a whole new way,” she explains. Our bodies simply are. They exist to give form to the energy inside of us.”


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Lia Bonfilio